Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Seattle Portrait Photographer

Being a Seattle Portrait Photographer you can't always count on the weather cooperating with you. So here is the solution. Create a composite. Which means shoot you subject in studio and get your outdoor shot when the sun is shining. Here is the break down of a recent composite I did for Sports & Lifestyle Unlimited Agency.

This first shot illustrates my typical 3-light studio set-up. The gear I use for this as follows: Canon 5d Mark 111 body, Canon 85 1.8 lens with a Genus 4 stop ND filter. For lighting I used Dynalite power pack and strobe heads.

The second shot is the outdoor shot and for this I used Canon 5d Mark 111 body, Canon 24-70 L lens on a Manfrotto tripod. I shot 5 bracket images and merged them with Photomatix pro software.

                                        and the final result is the composite of both images

                              And here you have it. A solution to the uncontrollable weather.