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To often in life we make the easy decision, the only everyone expects us to make. Growing up in a lower-middle class household on the North side of Chicago, the encouragement to follow your dreams was never there. The conversation of happiness never came up. When the thoughts of future would be discussed it would often led to what job can you get to pay your bills. Take what you can get or don’t worry you will figure it. So art or even creativeness didn’t really exist to me.  So not sure were it came from. Well from what I have learn over the years is that it is in all us and all it needs nurturing. Pick up a camera, a paint brush, a pencil, or a microphone. Don’t doubt yourself until you try it. Not sure how to start? Just do it!!! Phones have cameras, mics, and most have internet connects. Goggle the things that interest you, inspiration is all arounds and is now easier then ever to share with the world. Because that old cliche applies to everything, “If there is no one in the woods and a tree falls does it make any noise?”.  If no one sees our creation did we really create anything? So get up, get out, create and share!! You will be amazed on how it will change you life.

 This was our neighborhood hangout. A 4 way intersection that had a manhole cover at each corner that we converted into our imaginary Wrigley field. Each manhole represented a base and there was even a home run fence in deep center field. This is were we all dreamed of being Big Leaguers, but  what boy didn't right. However those dreams fade quickly as we all watch our parents struggle to get by. The only discussion about the future were always to find a job preferably a trade, work as much as possible or at least enough to get by. The phrase "Do what you have to do to get by" is something I truly Hate and refuse to say myself. If you are living your life to merely to get by then you are missing the point!!  We are not all going to do something that will change the world but we can all do something to change our part of the world.  When ever  I  would feel stagnate I would ask myself a hypothetical question. If I died today "was I happy with the way I was living the moment I died?" If  I answered NO then it was time for change. It's not a easy question to ask and a even harder one to answer. Happiness it not just a feeling it is a way of life and it is often a life long journey. As your needs for happiness changes often. So be strong enough to ask that question and even stronger to answer it honestly. People often say things happen for a reason and do nothing to to make those things happen. Things do happen for a reason and that reason is YOU. It will be hard, but it will life changing and I am here to tell you it's never to late! To live like we did when we were kids. Dream big and do what ever it takes to achieve those dreams. Surround yourself with people that feed those dreams, that encourage you every day to that special thing that you do. What ever it may be. Honestly just think back to what you dreamed about on that street corner and remember how happy that made you feel. Just the action of dreaming made you happy just imagine how following through on those dreams will effect you and the others in your life. I didn't find my special thing until I picked up a digital camera in 2005. Honestly it changed they way a look at everything. But honestly it wasn't myself that gave me the courage to search for happiness. It was my dear friend of Toby. He lived his life with no rules, he challenged everything, everyone and constantly challenged me. For that I will for ever be grateful. I just wish he was here to be apart of the journey he pushed my to take. We lost an amazing human being and the best friend anyone could ever have in Oct 2008. He changed and influenced some many lives and never will be forgotten.

 This project is in dedication to him and a reminder not only to myself but hopefully to us all. NEVER QUIT DREAMING!!!!

This a portrait series of adults in front of their childhood homes and is an effort to remind us all to LIVE for more then just this fact of getting by.

 This is the home of my late Grandmother Lorraine Kinney. This is were not only myself but a majority of my cousins built so many good memories.

1. How old was I lived here? Not really sure of the age because he constantly moved to and from here. But I spent a large part of my childhood here.

2. What did I dream about being when I grew up? I was never encouraged to dream about that stuff. It wasn't until we moved to the suburbs for junior high and I met Toby. He always pushed me to dream for more. We always talked about and dreamed about living on the west coast. The movie Point break really influenced us and made to want to live in CA.

3. When did I discover photography? I always had an interest, just never know you could make a life from being a photographer. I used to take rollls of photos with my point and shoot camera and develop them months later to relive the event and memories I captured. But it wasn't until 2005 in my late 30's and I haven't been able to put it down since. Thing  I love most about photography is that its a constant learning experience. It never gets old and is always presents a new challenge.

4. If I could go back in time and tell myself one thing what would it be? Take more chances, don't be afraid of failure and always chase downs those dreams despite how crazy they may seem.

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