Sunday, March 23, 2014

Meet Rocky & Rhody

Adoption story #2 Dogs Of Valhalla Rescue 

Sarah & Josh deciding to take on the challenge of adopting two puppies Rocky & Rhody both which are Cooper litter mates. Knowing how full of energy Cooper is I could only image they would have their hands full on a daily basis. 

Why did you decide to adopt? We have asked that very question ourselves at times.  Between the gifts of dog poo on the bathroom rug fresh out of the shower, using my fancy lace bra in a chippy game of tug-of-war and the heaping car-sickness episodes has more than tested our patience once or twice. 

But as we sit here with soft fur, gentle snoring, and puppy dreaming surrounding us we feel content. We feel adored. We feel loved. We feel complete and fulfilled as a family. The endless ball throwing, "sweet spot" belly rubs, and their soulful honey-brown eyes is what makes any frustration worth it. 

Do you feel confident you made the right decision getting two puppies? Sarah laughs as Josh says absolutely!! As much of a hand full as they are at times, they definitely help each other out. 

They give each other constant companionship and help burn off some that puppy energy they have. 

How did Valhalla  help with the adoption experience? It was great for us, they communicated well with us and we got to see the puppies the day after our home evaluation. 

What was one one of the funniest experience with the two? We would have to say  when we took them up to the base Mt Rainer with Josh's 5 yr old son Matthew and got to see them experience snow for the first time. Watching Matthew and the puppies run around in the snow was so much fun. But on the way home Rocky & Rhody got car sick and vomited on Matthew while he was in his car seat.  Bu the Whole experience was pretty funny. 

How does their personality differ from each other?  Rhody is more of the lover and Rocky is more independent. Both are super Intelligent and they both carry off of each other's energy. Rocky would be the lover for the moment and Rhody will be distant. As soon as Rocky wants to distant Rhody will come and fill in for him. They are very Yen & Yang. One chews the other one doesn't and vise versa. They are very complimentative to each other and not competitive at all. 

How has adopting Rocky and Rhody have affected your life's? It's as simple as we can't imagine life without them. But I'm sure our carpet and backyard would disagree.

It's as simple as we can't imagine life without them.

So if you are looking for the perfect addition to your family please consider adoption. The dogs give as much back to you as you give to them if not more. 

After seeing how well behaved Rocky & Rhody were I would have to say adopting two is not as crazy as it seems. But sorry Cooper you are flying solo for now.