Thursday, August 14, 2014

Dogs of Valhalla Rescue "Hannah"

Here is the story of Susan and her boyfriend John on how they opened their hearts and their homes to two wonderful dogs. Because of these two caring people and Valhalla Rescue Hannah and Moose will have a chance to have the happy and fulfilling lives they deserve. 

How has adopting Hannah changed or effected your life?  

We get a lot more exercise. Hannah really loves getting out and so we spend more time taking walks together as a family. This ends up being great for everyone as we get exercise and spend more quality time not thinking about work.

Funny Story or Instance with Hannah. 

We went hiking one weekend at cathedral falls and despite having been hiking with us before, Hannah seemed rather startled by every insect she saw that day. At one point she was sniffing around some leaves and a little beetle crawled out. As soon as Hannah noticed the Beetle she leapt backwards a few feet and then tried to scurry up the hill before nearly falling down a hill. All this just to avoid a beetle.

Does Hannah have special needs, what are they? 

While we were fostering Hannah, she had two spay surgeries aborted due to her heart rate dropping under anesthesia.  We decided to adopt her anyways, and have been working with specialists to see what is causing the reaction.   Preliminary results indicate she may have a heart condition called Cardio Myopathy.  She doesn’t have any obvious clinical symptoms yet, and we are just waiting on some more test results to get a definitive diagnosis and to create a management plan.

Why did you want to take on a dog with special needs? 

When adopting Hannah, we initially thought her only special need was going to be that she couldn’t be under anesthesia except for emergencies.  Having previously had a special needs dog, we felt this was a manageable condition for us.

Have you adopted a special needs dog before? 

Not intentionally, but my last dog had ended up having Wobblers and Addison’s disease.  The hardest part of having a special needs dog is dealing with the uncertainty of getting a diagnosis and implementing a successful management plan.  However, most special needs dogs only require minimal changes to their routine and you can barely tell they are different.  In addition, the relationship you have with a special needs dog is often deeper than with other dogs.  You are more in tune with each other, and they really seem to appreciate any extra care you provide them.

What is one of Hannah favorite behavior traits?

When Hannah wants something she will first come over and stare to see if you will pay attention to her. If you’re still not giving her what she wants she then places a single paw on your chest and stares into your eyes. Continuing to ignore her will result in both paws being placed on your chest and her pushing her face close into yours.

Are you glad you decide to adopt? Would you do it again? 

We are very happy that we adopted Hannah, our family wouldn’t feel complete without her.  We would like to keep fostering dogs, and would be open to adopting another one if they were the perfect fit for us.

How did Valhalla help with the adoption experience? 

Our adoption experience was pretty casual since we were already an approved foster for Valhalla.  Being able to foster Hannah before we adopted her really allowed us to get to know her before we decided to adopt.       

Would you recommend Valhalla to others? Yes, Valhalla does really wonderful work helping dogs and their community. 

Lets not forget about Moose. 

Have you fostered before? Why foster? Do you ever get to attached not want to let them go? What is the hardiest and most fulfilling thing about fostering? 

Before fostering Moose, I had only done a short-term foster where I fostered a puppy for the holidays.  My dog Dexter passed away in January, and while I wasn’t ready to get another dog, my home felt really empty. Fostering Moose really helped me with the grieving process.  Letting Moose go to his permanent home will be bittersweet, but I know that Valhalla will find him the perfect home.

What’s one of Mooses favorite traits? 

Moose is one of the funniest and joyful dogs I’ve had the pleasure of being around.  He really loves being around his people, and will follow you just about anywhere, including into the bathroom. 

Here is just an other amazing story that could only happen with help of the Amazing people. I believe Moose is still looking for his forever home. Please stop the Valhalla Rescue FB page and show your appreciation.